Tuesday, October 30, 2007

OPEN DOOR home loans - installation

these images were taken today. installation is about 75% complete. they hope to move-in in about a week & a half. more dramatic things to come ... keep posted.

OPEN DOOR home loans - construction

these images were taken after demolition of the space and during construction - where the tin ceiling was patched, walls were repaired and evened out, new ductwork installed and a new plywood subfloor was laid (amoung many other things)

OPEN DOOR home loans - existing

here is an interior-project we've been working on for a one of our loyal clients. (this is the second office we've done for them in addition to several projects at their home.) these before pictures try to capture the very chopped-up space with several different drop ceilings at different heights, as it used to exist (as a chiropractor's office.)
the space is to house up to 5 loan officers and a receptionist, a waiting "room", a conference room that can also function as a break room & space for classes, and provide loads of storage (for normal office supplies as well as for private documents.) the space is to feel warm, inclusive, inviting and representative of the market they are serving and the neighborhood (uptown) they now belong to.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

flowers from MASTER

tia was interviewed for a video that is being made about the SOHO development. she talked about our company and our involvement in the building, and about the ideas behind the wood wall installation in the lobby. we haven't seen the finished product, yet - but these beautiful flowers arrived from patricia fitzgerald as a 'thank-you' -- lovely surprise!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

website updated

we've just updated our website with a couple MISC projects like this one (the WOOD WALL at SOHO) and added some jewelry as well. we're in the process of looking at a new camera and hope to get some great photographs of projects that we've completed in the last year & haven't shared yet. another 'fall resolution' is to turn this blog into a BLOG! is anyone out there even reading it???